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Learn About Your Car Battery Lodi, CA

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We at Lodi Honda do our best to get you into an automobile that fits the bill perfectly, but we'll also help you keep that car or truck of yours running in tip-top shape. Our talented technicians and service staff can handle any service need or mechanical repair, which eventually every car will need. Basic services can be scheduled at your convenience, but some services don't need to be addressed until around four or five years after purchasing your vehicle. One such service is a battery service.

Your battery provides the initial power to start your vehicle and run all of your car's electronics. After a few years, you may notice that your power windows aren't opening or closing as quickly as they used to. Your interior lights may be dim until you rev up the motor. Most of us will notice that our battery is on its last leg when our car is very slow to turn over while turning the key, or won't start at all. After a few years, especially if your vehicle isn't being driven regularly, a battery won't hold charge like it used to, and you'll experience some of the aforementioned.

However, don't fret. A battery replacement is a quick fix. Our techs will check the terminals for corrosion, and test to see if you have a weak battery. Typically, if it's been a few years, there may be some corrosion on the battery's terminals. However, a battery replacement is needed every few years anyway, so more than likely it might be time to replace that old battery for a new one. Once that new battery is in, the car should start up with no problem, and there shouldn't be any fluctuation of lighting intensity.

Come on over to Lodi Honda, and our qualified staff will help keep your car in great running condition. We proudly serve the greater Lodi, Elk Grove, Stockton and Sacramento areas and beyond. Come on and see us soon!