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Sales Open Today! 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Service Open Today! 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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1700 S Cherokee Ln, Lodi, CA 95240
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Are you looking for a New Honda? So Lodi Honda is the right place for you. Our Honda dealership is near Stockton, Elk Grove, and Sacramento. Our Sales team is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They take pride in helping customers find the perfect vehicle and get the best deals.

To help make the buying process as easy and convenient as possible. Lodi Honda offers you the option to reserve a vehicle online. You can reserve the vehicle of your dreams in only a few minutes.

This process is quick and easy and will ensure that the car you want is set aside for you. All you need to do is:

  • Choose the model and color that you're interested in.
  • Click on "Reserve Now" and submit your reservation.
  • Once the reservation is submitted, a member of our sales team will reach out to you with more details.

Take advantage of this opportunity and reserve your new Honda today at Lodi Honda! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at (844) 242-5425. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Reservation # Year Trim Transmission Ext./Int.Color VIN Presold    
CIVIC 2.0L 4 Dr (Total Units=4)
Shipped A08-40869-00021 2022 SPORT CVT BK/BK 2HGFE2F54NH602477 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00020 2022 SPORT CVT BK/BK 2HGFE2F56NH602450 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00022 2022 SPORT CVT GC/BK 2HGFE2F56NH603789 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00024 2022 SPORT CVT +WX/BK 2HGFE2F54NH602561 reserved Reserve Now
CIVIC 2.0L 5 Dr (Total Units=3)
Shipped A03-40863-00027 2022 SPORT CVT BK/BK 19XFL2H81NE017895 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A03-40863-00009 2022 SPORT CVT +GA/BK 19XFL2H87NE019280 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A03-40864-00026 2022 SPORT CVT +WX/BK 19XFL2H88NE021989 reserved Reserve Now
CIVIC 1.5T 4 Dr (Total Units=2)
Shipped A08-40869-00019 2022 EX CVT +SY/BK 2HGFE1F79NH326633   Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00018 2022 EX CVT +SY/BK 2HGFE1F71NH326304   Reserve Now
CIVIC 1.5T 5 Dr (Total Units=1)
Shipped S04-40870-00002 2022 SP TRG CVT +BL/BK 19XFL1H8XNE021552   Reserve Now
INSIGHT 4 Dr (Total Units=1)
Shipped S06-40870-00003 2022 EX CVT BK/BK 19XZE4F54NE017580 reserved Reserve Now
CIVIC SI 4 Dr (Total Units=1)
Shipped A08-40869-00017 2022 SI 6MT BK/BR 2HGFE1E55NH476416   Reserve Now
ACCORD FHEV 4 Dr (Total Units=4)
InTransit A09-40871-00015 2022 HYB SPT CVT +WX/BK 1HGCV3F23NA038639   Reserve Now
Shipped A09-40871-00012 2022 HYB SPT CVT +GA/BK 1HGCV3F29NA037687 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped S08-40873-00002 2022 HYB SPT CVT +GA/BK 1HGCV3F24NA032770 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00011 2022 HYB SPT CVT +GA/BK 1HGCV3F26NA035623 reserved Reserve Now
ACCORD 1.5T 4 Dr (Total Units=8)
InTransit A09-40871-00007 2022 SPORT CVT +GA/BK 1HGCV1F35NA084163   Reserve Now
Shipped A06-40866-00008 2022 SPORT CVT +BM/BK 1HGCV1F36NA075455   Reserve Now
Shipped A07-40869-00027 2022 SPORT CVT +GA/BK 1HGCV1F31NA079204 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A07-40869-00028 2022 SPORT CVT SI/BK 1HGCV1F35NA079268   Reserve Now
Shipped A09-40871-00009 2022 SPORT CVT +WX/BK 1HGCV1F3XNA083414   Reserve Now
Shipped A06-40866-00011 2022 SPORT CVT +WX/BK 1HGCV1F39NA078141 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A06-40866-00012 2022 SPORTSE CVT SI/BK 1HGCV1F46NA078266   Reserve Now
Shipped A09-40871-00010 2022 SPORTSE CVT SI/BK 1HGCV1F49NA082599   Reserve Now
PASSPORT 5 Dr (Total Units=1)
Shipped A09-40871-00003 2022 4ELITE 9AT +RL/BK 5FNYF8H07NB026897   Reserve Now
CR-V 1.5T 5 Dr (Total Units=6)
InTransit A05-40866-00020 2022 2WDEXL CVT GY/BK 7FARW1H80NE019084   Reserve Now
InTransit S07-40870-00006 2022 2WDEXL CVT SX/GR 5J6RW1H89NA022113   Reserve Now
InTransit A09-40871-00018 2022 AWDEXL CVT +WX/BK 5J6RW2H85NA016105   Reserve Now
Shipped A03-40863-00023 2022 2WDEXL CVT GY/BK 7FARW1H86NE018005 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A03-40863-00004 2022 2WDEXL CVT +RN/GR 7FARW1H8XNE017374 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00009 2022 AWDTRG CVT GX/GR 7FARW2H9XNE045142   Reserve Now
CR-V FHEV 5 Dr (Total Units=2)
InTransit A09-40871-00019 2022 HYBEX-L CVT +WX/BK 5J6RT6H84NL054316 reserved Reserve Now
Shipped A08-40869-00015 2022 HYBEX-L CVT +WX/BK 5J6RT6H83NL052170   Reserve Now
HR-V 5 Dr (Total Units=2)
InTransit A08-40869-00005 2023 2WDSPRT CVT +GE/BK 3CZRZ1H50PM708608 reserved Reserve Now
InTransit A09-40871-00004 2023 2WDSPRT CVT +WX/BK 3CZRZ1H52PM711932 reserved Reserve Now

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